Wales vs France: Six Nations 2024 Match Preview and Predictions

Wales vs France: Six Nations 2024 Match Preview and Predictions

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Wales vs France: Six Nations 2024 Match Preview and Predictions

Welcome to the thrilling world of rugby, where the titans of the game clash in the prestigious Six Nations tournament. This annual championship is a significant event on the global rugby calendar, with England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, and Wales battling it out for supremacy.

In the 2024 tournament, all eyes are set on the upcoming duel between Wales and France. This match has sparked a wave of anticipation among fans and experts alike. With their contrasting journeys so far in this season's Six Nations - Wales trying to bounce back from past losses and France seeking to maintain their winning streak against the Welsh side - it promises to be an electrifying showdown.

Adding to this intrigue is a prediction from Opta's supercomputer which further stirs up the pot. But will it be accurate? Will France continue their dominance? Or will Wales turn the tables and provide a surprise result?

To delve deeper into these questions, we've prepared a comprehensive match preview that covers team analysis, lineup predictions, and key factors for victory. We’ll also provide our own scoreline prediction for this highly anticipated clash.

Get ready as we dive headfirst into this riveting encounter between two of rugby's powerhouses at Principality Stadium in Cardiff.

The Teams' Journey So Far in Six Nations 2024

In the competitive landscape of Six Nations 2024, both Wales and France have had their share of triumphs and trials, each carving a unique path leading up to the impending clash.


The Welsh squad has faced its fair share of challenges this season. Their track record in recent times hasn't been stellar, with ten losses in their last 11 Six Nations Championship matches. Despite this, they've shown great resilience and moments of brilliance that hint at potential for a turn-around. Their discipline and ruck success rate have been noteworthy, even though their gainline success (36%) - an important metric in rugby - is the lowest among all teams.


The French team's journey through the tournament has been a roller-coaster ride, marked by a heavy loss, narrow win, and a draw after three rounds. However, their performance against Wales historically has been commendable, winning their last five clashes. In terms of performance metrics, France boasts the highest tackle success rate (90%) in this year's Six Nations and have made a competition joint-high six try-saving tackles. Yet they have struggled with turnovers, conceding 47 while winning just 11.

Delving into the past encounters between these rugby powerhouses reveals a compelling narrative. France's recent dominance over Wales is notable as they have won their last five clashes. However, it's pertinent to remember rugby's unpredictable nature where any given Sunday can spring surprises.

In such high-stakes tournaments where pressure is ever-present, both Wales and France must bring their A-game to the pitch. While France's recent form and track record against Wales might give them the edge, the unpredictability of rugby often renders such statistics irrelevant on match day.

As the buildup to the Wales vs France clash intensifies, fans await with bated breath. Will France continue their winning streak against Wales, or will the Welsh team defy odds and script a memorable victory? Only time will tell.

Team Analysis and Strategies for Victory

France Rugby: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Key Players

The French squad has been a formidable force in the Six Nations 2024, despite some setbacks. Their 90% tackle success rate and six try-saving tackles speak to a defensive line that is both resilient and effective. Key players who have stood out include the likes of Antoine Dupont, whose leadership and playmaking skills make him a constant threat on the field. Another player to watch is Romain Ntamack, whose kicking game can be decisive in tight matches.

However, the team's vulnerability has been exposed through their ball retention issues. Conceding 47 turnovers with a net turnover loss of 36 puts them at a significant disadvantage. This area will need urgent attention if they are to solidify their campaign in this tournament.

Wales Rugby: Tactical Approach and Areas for Improvement

Wales rugby, conversely, has maintained good discipline throughout the competition which is reflected in their ruck success rate. Yet, there are critical areas needing improvement:

  • Gainline Success: Currently at the lowest of any side (36%), Wales must find ways to break through opposition defenses more effectively.
  • Lineout Performance: As another weak point with the lowest success rate, this set-piece could be crucial against a physically imposing French team.

The Welsh squad's tactical approach often relies on strategic kicking and exploiting space behind advancing defenses. Their ability to adapt to quick phase-play could catch the French off guard, especially if utilized early in the match to build momentum.

Focus on Key Welsh Players

For Wales to capitalize on their strengths and counteract their weaknesses, performances from pivotal players such as Alun Wyn Jones in the lineouts and Dan Biggar with his tactical kicking will be essential.

With these analyses in mind, both teams have clear routes to victory. France must tighten up ball security and continue leveraging their defensive strengths while Wales should focus on improving gainline advancements and set-piece efficiency. As both teams prepare strategies that play to their respective strengths while addressing weaknesses, anticipation builds for what promises to be an intensely fought clash on the rugby field.

Lineup Predictions

As we eagerly await the Six Nations 2024 Wales vs France clash, it's time to analyze the potential lineups for both teams. Let's take into account their recent form and injury updates to make some educated guesses.

Wales' Expected Lineup

Wales' lineup will likely combine seasoned players with up-and-coming stars. Based on their performances in recent matches, here's our prediction:

  1. Prop: We expect Wyn Jones to hold down the scrum with his exceptional skills in tight situations.
  2. Hooker: Ken Owens, known for his leadership on the field and precision in lineouts, should get the nod.
  3. Prop: Tomas Francis will bring stability to the front row with his solid scrummaging technique.
  4. Locks: Alun Wyn Jones, despite his advancing age, continues to be a dominant force in the second row; alongside him, Adam Beard's athleticism should complement well.
  5. Back Row: Taulupe Faletau's return from injury could provide a much-needed boost in ball-carrying ability; expect Josh Navidi and Justin Tipuric to join him, offering their expertise in defense and breakdown play.
  6. Scrum-Half: Tomos Williams, with his quick runs and swift delivery of the ball, is likely to start.
  7. Fly-Half: Dan Biggar's strategic kicking game will be crucial; his ability to control the match could be invaluable.
  8. Centres: Look out for Nick Tompkins bringing creativity to the midfield, possibly partnering with George North who brings power and experience.
  9. Wingers: It's almost certain that Louis Rees-Zammit's incredible speed will earn him a spot on one wing; as for the other side, Josh Adams' reliability might get him the nod.
  10. Fullback: Leigh Halfpenny's calm presence at the back will be vital for Wales' counter-attacking plans.

France's Expected Lineup

France's selection will heavily rely on their star players delivering standout performances:

  1. Front Row: Cyril Baille and Julien Marchand are strong contenders for the starting positions, with Demba Bamba providing strength as the tighthead prop.
  2. Second Row: Bernard Le Roux's industrious work ethic should pair well with Paul Willemse's physicality in the engine room.
  3. Back Row: Charles Ollivon might lead the team from the flanker position, supported by Gregory Alldritt's dynamic ball-carrying skills at number eight and François Cros completing the trio with his all-around abilities.
  4. Scrum-Half: Antoine Dupont, a truly world-class player, will most likely take charge at nine; his vision and tactical understanding are top-notch.
  5. Fly-Half: Romain Ntamack's flair and creativity as the fly-half are undisputed; he is crucial to France's attacking game.
  6. Centres: Virimi Vakatawa brings power to the midfield alongside Gaël Fickou who adds finesse and strong defense.
  7. Wingers: Damian Penaud's finishing prowess makes him a strong candidate for one wing spot, while Gabin Villière's hard work on the field should earn him a place on the other side.
  8. Fullback: Anthony Bouthier is expected to provide stability at fullback with his reliable kicking game.

Injuries can always throw a wrench into these predictions, so we'll have to wait closer to matchday for real-time updates that could confirm or alter our expectations.

These projected lineups show how each team is trying to play to their strengths and address weaknesses that have been exposed in previous Six Nations 2024 games.

Both Wales and France boast talented squads, setting the stage for an exciting battle at Principality Stadium in Cardiff — a game that promises to be a fascinating clash of strategies, where individual brilliance could ultimately make the difference.

Crucial Factors for Victory in Wales vs France Showdown

In the high-stakes encounter of Six Nations 2024, the Wales vs France showdown will be decided by several key factors:

Set-Piece Dominance

The battle at the scrum and lineout sets the foundation for victory in rugby. France's lineout success has been a cornerstone of their game, while Wales needs to address their lowest success rate in this area. Dominating these set-pieces provides critical possession and territory advantages.

Breakdown Efficiency

The ruck is a pivotal battleground. Wales has shown good discipline and efficiency at the breakdown, which could counteract France's high tackle success rate. Winning the breakdown battle often translates into control of the game's tempo.

Backline Creativity

Innovation behind the scrum can unlock staunch defenses. France's backline is known for flair and unpredictability, which could challenge Wales' defensive structures. Wales must match this creativity to penetrate France’s robust defense.

Discipline Under Pressure

Penalties can turn the tide of a match. With Wales' commendable discipline record, they could capitalize on any French indiscipline, especially in kickable positions.

Each team's ability to leverage their strengths in these key areas may tip the scales in this crucial Six Nations 2024 fixture. With the stage set at Principality Stadium in Cardiff, both teams are poised to lay it all on the line in pursuit of glory.

The Final Showdown: Match Prediction and Scoreline

When the Welsh dragons clash with Les Bleus in Cardiff for Six Nations 2024, fans can expect a riveting match filled with intensity and national pride. Delving into match prediction, the Opta supercomputer has forecasted a French victory with a scoreline of 29-17. This aligns with France's superior tackle success rate and their history of try-saving tackles, indicating a resilient defense that Wales will challenge.

Despite France's recent mixed results, their past triumphs over Wales suggest they will enter the match with confidence. However, rugby is a game of moments and momentum, and Wales could capitalize on home advantage at the Principality Stadium to sway the game in their favor.

France's Key Advantages:

  • Highest tackle success rate (90%)
  • Notable try-saving tackles (six joint-high)

Wales' Strengths to Leverage:

  • Strong discipline record
  • Effective ruck success rate

With these points in mind, Wales must target improvements in gainline success and lineout performance to counteract the French strengths. The predicted score reflects the current form and statistics but acknowledges the unpredictable nature of rugby where underdogs can rise.

Predicted Scoreline: France 29 - 17 Wales

The prediction is just one aspect; witnessing the action live will offer fans an unparalleled experience as these two rugby powerhouses vie for supremacy on the field. Every tackle, scrum, lineout, and try carries weight not just for the scoreboard but for national pride and tournament standings.

Fans are encouraged to engage fully in this Six Nations spectacle—by not only watching the match but immersing themselves in every play and strategy unraveling on the field.


The Wales vs France encounter is more than just a game; it's a pivotal moment that could alter the dynamics of Six Nations 2024. With both teams facing their own set of challenges, this match carries weight for their standings and morale. The history between these squads adds a layer of intensity to the anticipation leading up to kickoff.

Your thoughts on the outcome play a crucial role in the broader conversation around Six Nations rugby. Engage with fellow enthusiasts, share predictions, and delve into discussions that celebrate the spirit of this storied competition. Whether you’re cheering from the stands or following along online, your participation enriches the experience for all.

For comprehensive coverage, live scores, expert analysis, and more on Six Nations 2024, RugbyAllStar is your go-to destination. Join the global community and be part of every ruck, maul, and try as Europe's premier rugby tournament unfolds.

As players take to the field at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, remember that each pass and tackle can become a defining moment in this championship story. So wear your colors proudly and witness an epic chapter in rugby unfold with Wales vs France at Six Nations 2024.

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