Six Nations 2024: Unforgettable Moments and What Lies Ahead

Six Nations 2024: Unforgettable Moments and What Lies Ahead

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Italy France Rugby Six Nations Draw

The 2024 Six Nations Championship has been filled with significant moments, surprises, and captivating rugby action, demonstrating the unpredictable nature and high competitiveness of this storied tournament. Here's what we've learned so far, the biggest moments, surprises, and what to expect in the coming rounds.

Key Highlights and Performances

  • Ireland's Dominance: Ireland has continued to assert their dominance in the tournament, answering every challenge thrown at them with comprehensive performances. Their historic Grand Slam victory in Dublin stands out as a testament to their prowess, having laid down a significant marker with a record win in France at the outset​​.
  • Scotland's Resilience: Scotland has shown resilience and skill, most notably through Duhan van der Merwe's hat-trick which sealed the Calcutta Cup victory for them. This was a standout performance that showcased Scotland's offensive capabilities and their ability to rise to the occasion​​.
  • England's Comeback: England has had to battle hard, evidenced by their comeback victory over Wales. This kind of resilience under pressure is what makes the Six Nations so thrilling​​.
  • France and Italy's Draw: A historic 13-13 draw between France and Italy in Lille was a significant moment for Italy, as it marked a performance they can truly savor, despite not securing a win. This draw helped Italy climb above Fiji in the World Rugby Men’s Rankings, a considerable achievement for the Italian side​​​​.


  • Italy's Near Misses: Italy came close to securing their first win in France, a match that ended in a dramatic draw. This performance, against one of the tournament's stronger teams, highlights Italy's growing competitiveness and potential for upset victories​​​​.
  • France's Struggles: France, despite being one of the pre-tournament favorites, has had a mixed bag of results, including the unexpected draw against Italy. Their inconsistency has been a surprising element of this year's championship​​.

What to Expect

  • Tight Contest for the Title: While Ireland has been dominant, the battle for the championship is far from over. England, Scotland, and France still have a chance to influence the final standings, especially with bonus points and direct matchups playing a crucial role.
  • Emerging Talents: Players like Aaron Wainwright for Wales have been highlighted for standout performances. The tournament continues to be a platform for emerging talents to shine and make their mark on the international stage​​.
  • Strategic Battles: Teams will likely adjust their strategies for the remaining fixtures. With the tournament reaching its climax, expect more tactical battles, especially in matches involving close contenders for the championship.

The 2024 Six Nations Championship has lived up to its billing, offering a blend of traditional rugby values with modern, dynamic play. The remaining rounds promise to be just as exciting, with everything still to play for. Fans can look forward to more thrilling rugby action as teams vie for supremacy in this prestigious tournament.

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